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My educational philosophy is all centered on preparation.  My number one goal as a teacher is to prepare students for the future.  When I say “future” I am not just focused on the far away, twenty years from now future, but the future of next week as well.  I want my students to build strong foundations in all areas, including math, language arts and even life skills.  As a student builds these foundations they will build confidence in themselves and, through mutual encouragement, in each other.

I feel it is important to encourage and promote critical thinking skills through practice and observation.  I also want to create a sense of wonder in my classroom.  When students have their own desire to want answers to specific questions that is when learning is most effective.  My goal is to have a classroom that relies on a mixture of different types of lecture and discussion instruction, inquiry based learning, and individual and group research.

In the perfect classroom, students would come first and I would make myself available to students and parents whenever possible.  In this day and age, with the use of technology that is becoming a much easier task.  I plan on implementing my own classroom website where homework, homework help and classroom announcements could be posted.  Students would have the option to contact me outside of school hours by email and possible text message.  Communication is the key to parent support.  Being able to communicate the needs of my students to parents can make a huge impact on the success of each student.  

I also feel it is important to promote age appropriate self-discipline in my students.  Going back to the concept of preparation, when a student is a master of their own actions they will be ready for anything.  If they are disciplined enough to do their homework, study and act appropriate in class, they are setting themselves up to achieve greatness.

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